This is What Will Happen If You Eat Potatoes Every Day

10. You will get super creative in the kitchen

Now that you’re set on adding more potato to your diet, you may be curious about different ways to prepare it. Go ahead and Google “potato recipes” – we got over 4 million choices in less than a second. But once you start experimenting with existing recipes, we bet you will get inspired to write your own recipes based on the flavors your family loves. Potatoes are an excellent base for just about any seasoning.

It’s time to stop avoiding potatoes and give them their rightful place in your kitchen and your diet. There is nothing to lose, except some weight, and lots of nutritional benefits to gain. Potatoes don’t need to be contained to the kitchen, either. They can be used in a bunch of other household endeavors, like homemade ink stamps, science projects, and even to help remove a stuck light bulb from the socket. So count up your spare change and go pick up a few pounds of this diverse and delicious food.