Drinking Parsley Tea Can Help You Lose Weight and Reduce Water Retention

How does it work


How does it work?

Just as the parsley plant does, parsley tea has diuretic properties to help flush the system of some excess fluid. This could jumpstart the weight loss process, but it’s only part of it. Parsley tea can be used as a vegetable broth supplement to help cut calories while still providing all of those amazing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can also use it as a drink in place of sugary juices or beverages. If you do, you will find that you will lose both the water weight packed on in other ways.

How to make parsley tea

Add 5 tablespoons of chopped parsley to 1 liter of water. Heat the water, then add parsley to water and let it sit for 20 minutes. When done, strain the parsley, leaving behind just the water. If you want to sweeten the tea just a bit, add some honey to taste.