Raisin Water Can Help Cleanse and Detox The Liver

drinking raisin water


Your liver could very well be in need of some spring cleaning without you even knowing it. One way to do this is through drinking raisin water.

Raisins, as we know, come from dried-out grapes. And grapes are loaded with fiber and antioxidants (bioflavonoids and vitamin C) that play a key role in digestion and in ridding the body of harmful toxins and free radicals.

But, did you know that raisins may actually have more nutrients than grapes? That’s right. According to information published by the University of Barkley (Barkley Wellness), ounce for ounce, raisins have nearly three times the antioxidant capacity of red and green grape, and are one of the richest sources of antioxidants of all foods. This is because when fruits are dried, the compounds are greatly concentrated.

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