Start Eating 1 Cucumber a Day, See What Happens to Your Body

Cucumbers are one of nature’s miracle fruits — and yes, we said fruit. While many consider this green plant to be a vegetable, due to the fact that it develops from a flower and contains the seeds of the plant, a cucumber is actually a fruit.

Logistics aside, cucumbers have amazing health benefits, and you may want to consider adding them to your daily diet. Here’s why.

1. You’ll get additional hydration

It is a well known fact that your body can’t function without water. Water cleanses your body, by moving toxins out. It also helps carry essential nutrients throughout your body, and hydrates the skin and body, helping to keep it at that all important, 98.6 degree temperature.

But, what some don’t’ know is that people get 40 percent of their daily water intake from food, which is where fruits like cucumbers come in. In fact cucumbers are 95 percent water. So, when you eat a cucumber, you are basically eating and drinking at the same time.